Davis Bilingual Elementary

Davis has a beautiful garden site across the street from the school that has been built up over the last several years by a dedicated group of youth, parents, school staff, and interns from the Community and School Garden Workshop. Our interns helped this garden program get off the ground, and have helped plan and coordinate work events, apply for grants, develop and teach lesson plans in many different subject areas both during school and in their great after school gardening program. They have chickens, a composting program, an aquaponics system in the library, a wood fired adobe oven, and a variety of garden spaces. There is a strong community feel and a focus on social justice at Davis. They will also be participating in the Green Academy this year.

They would like help running lessons and activities in the garden during school hours and during their after school program.
Spanish skills would be helpful but are not mandatory here. 


Davis Bilingual Elementary
500 W St Mary’s Rd
85701 Tucson , AZ