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Morgan Apicella
GUEST Program Coordinator

Morgan Apicella is a co-founder of the Community and School Garden Program and has worked in urban agriculture, education, and social justice in Tucson for over 15 years.  He currently works with local educators to build capacity in their school communities for integrating garden-based education into the existing pre-K-12 pedagogical practices... [more]

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Sophia Borgias
Field Coordinator

Sophia Borgias is a PhD student in the School of Geography and Development focusing on water issues from a social science perspective. Working at the intersection of political ecology and legal geography, she has researched water conflicts and social movements in Chile and is now researching water rights... [more]

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Michelle Coe
Sustainable Environmental Education Coordinator

Michelle received her B.S. and M.A. from the University of Arizona. As an undergraduate, Michelle was part of the second cohort of Community and School Garden Program (CSGP) interns and has since worked with the CSGP to develop citizen science research opportunities and curriculum for students and teachers. Now in its 5th year, the... [more]

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Sallie Marston
CSGP Director & Course Instructor

Sallie Marston is a human geographer, a professor in the School of Geography and Development, and the director and co-founder of the UA Community and School Garden Program. Her academic work is located at the intersection of socio-spatial theory and collaborative politics for social change. She is particularly interested in how space, or sites... [more]

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Meg Mills-Novoa
Program Manager

Meg Mills-Novoa is a PhD student in the School of Geography & Development. Originally from the flat cornfields of central Minnesota, she researches how agricultural landscapes and livelihoods are transformed under climate change adaptation projects in the Andes. Prior to her graduate studies at the University of Arizona, Meg directed the... [more]

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Becky Patterson...
CSGP Field Coordinator & Teaching Assistant

Becky Patterson-Markowitz is a master’s student in the School of Geography and Development interested in understanding how the world inscribes itself on bodies. She uses creative movement as a way to foster emotional intelligence and empathy among youth, particularly in post-conflict situations. She is a Tucson native. Prior to graduate school... [more]

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Moses Thompson
TUSD/UA School Gardening Coordinator

In 2006, Moses helped found the nationally recognized Manzo Ecology Program as a facet of his school counseling program utilizing the therapeutic nature of gardening to help meet the social and emotional needs of his students.  Moses’s work has been featured in British Journal of Medicine, National Geographic, School... [more]