Green Reach Grant Initiative

Applications for the 2019-20 school year are now open!

UPDATE: Application period extended to November 22nd, 2019.





















  1. What is a Green Reach Garden Small Grant?

These small grants are designed to support gardens and programs that are affiliated with the Community and School Garden Program (CSGP). These grants can be used to support garden infrastructure improvement, additional garden programming or other garden-related projects. Projects will be funded at the $775 or $1,000 level.


  1. Who is eligible to apply?

Any staff that is involved in a program affiliated with the CSGP. This can include attending Green Academy workshops For example, affiliations may include involvement with the CSGP workshop (UA intern host), the SEEC program (led by Jessie Rack, and/or the GUEST program (led by Tammy Larson). If you are questioning if you are able to apply, contact Rachel Wehr (  


  1. When are the applications due?

Applications are due by email to Rachel Wehr ( by November 22nd, 2019 at midnight.  You can find application materials at


  1. What is the review process?

Our selection committee will make final decisions in the end of November and awardees will be notified in the beginning of December.


  1. How long will we have to complete the project if awarded a grant?

Awardees will have until the end of the Spring 2020 semester to complete their projects, including project evaluations.