Davis Bilingual Elementary

Davis Bilingual Elementary

Davis has a garden site across the street from the school that has been improved through the years by a dedicated group of youth, parents, school staff, and interns from the Community and School Garden Workshop. Our interns helped this garden program get off the ground through such activities as planning and coordinating work events, applying for grants, and developing and teaching lesson plans in numerous subject areas during the school day and after school gardening sessions. They have a composting program, aquaponics system in the library, wood-fired adobe oven, chicken coop, and a variety of garden plots. Davis has a strong community ethic and a focus on social justice. 

Photo Credit: Fiona Davey 


Click here for photos of the Davis community at work in the gardens


Davis Bilingual Elementary
500 W St Mary’s Rd
85701 Tucson , AZ
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Gated garden