UArizona Workshop Course

  • This course trains university students through classroom and community-engaged learning in underserved schools

Food Literacy Program

  • The Food Literacy Program connects K-12 students, Dietetic and University of Arizona interns, and their communities with resources and skills during hands-on, place-based nutrition and culinary education. As a part of the School Garden Network, the FLP is a collaboration between the Tucson Unified School District and the University of Arizona’s School Garden Workshop. The FLP includes a culinary lab field trip destination center, conducts school-wide cafeteria tastings, and delivers in-class cooking demonstrations with take home meal kits utilizing local foods and school garden-grown produce. The FLP ignites curiosity and empowers students and their communities to cultivate positive change and encourages a healthy future. Follow the FLP on Facebook and Instagram.

STEM Outreach

  • Connects natural and social science researchers and artists with teachers and students in their classrooms and trains them to use the garden as a site for learning the scientific method, the formal principles of discovery and the practices of artistic creativity.

Regional Support

  • Providing consultation, teacher training and infrastructure support to schools outside of the UA intern network

Teacher Trainings

  • Instructing teachers through professional learning community monthly workshops and conferences, including monthly Green Academy workshops

Jumpstart Program

  • The aim of this initiative is to introduce students who would be the first in their families to seek post-secondary education, to experience a class on the University of Arizona campus.