The Community and School Garden Program (CSGP) is comprised of five initiatives that operate in concert to support its core mission of collective action for social justice and a more sustainable community. Each initiative, however, focuses on different aspects of school and community garden learning. The Community and School Garden Workshop (CSGW) trains university students through classroom and community engaged learning; the Green Academy (GA), instructs teachers through professional learning community monthly workshops and conferences; the Gardening and Urban Ecology Support for Teachers (GUEST) works directly with teachers, parents and volunteers at their schools; the Jumpstart Program provides tuition for low-income high school students active in their school garden to experience a class on the University of Arizona campus; Supporting Environment, Education  and Community (SEEC) Program connects natural and social science researchers and artists with teachers and students in their classrooms and trains them to use the garden as a site for learning the scientific method, the formal principles of discovery and the practices of artistic creativity.