By Theme & Grade Level

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Click on the links below to download lesson plans for particular grade levels. At the Elementary school level, the themes are all in the same .pdf and the high school materials are broken out by theme. Click on the red links and let us know how it goes! 

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PACE Lesson Plan

  • Unit 1: Plants on Manzo Campus
  • Unit 2: Chicken Observation

K-2nd Grade Mini Lessons

  • Unit 1: Chickens

Kindergarten Lesson Plan

  • Unit 1: Chicken Observation

1st Grade Lesson Plan

  • Unit 1: From Waste to Resource
  • Unit 2: Composting

2nd Grade Lesson Plan

  • Unit 1: The Aquaponic System

3rd Grade Lesson Plan

  • Unit 1: Life Cycle of Flowering Plants
  • Unit 2: Desert Tortoise
  • Unit 3: Native Plants
  • Unit 4: Desert Biome

4th Grade Lesson Plan

  • Unit 1: Chickens
  • Unit 2: Measurement
  • Unit 3: Lizards

5th Grade Lesson Plan

  • Unit 1: Precipitation and Water Conservation
  • Unit 2: Saguaro Germination

6th Grade Lesson Plan 

  • Unit 1: Plant Exploration 

High School 

In this 2-3 week ecology unit students explore biodiversity in the classroom and the field, with the goal of contributing quality observations to the iNaturalist citizen science project and developing scientific questions. Students will learn techniques scientist use to measure and monitor biodiversity by making observations, identifying native plants and animals, and calculating diversity indices. All or some of these lessons can be combined to prepare students for their field observations and exploration of patterns of biodiversity in their environment, and finally communicating their findings from the field. Extension of these activities can lead to longer-term biodiversity enhancement projects defined by the students themselves. The use of field journals is recommended. 

Here is the overview of the Biodiversity Units and Lesson Plans.