Agrivoltaics Citizen Science

Agrivoltaics is the co-location of agriculture and photovoltaics (converting light into electricity using semiconducting materials). Agrivoltaics (AV) works by placing elevated solar panels over agricultural plants and has the potential to maximize food and energy production while transforming how we grow agriculture in the drylands of the world. Tucson, Arizona currently hosts three AV monitoring sites at Biosphere 2 (lead), University & Rincon High School, and Manzo Elementary School. Each site is closely monitored and maintained by AV scientists and citizen scientists. The AV materials found here are designed to connect student citizen scientists with their school’s AV site and allow them to contribute important information to AV research. The content of the materials includes an AV introduction, data collection protocols, several datasheet variations, aggregation sheets, and garden maps. All data sheets, aggregation sheets, and maps are provided as a template and will need to be edited for each unique AV site. AV data collection can be a great tool for math and science literacy and integration, art-science fusion, and place-based environmental science.


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Information, videos, tools, data collection protocols, & monitoring map example


Simple data sheets using <, >, counting & comparing (no percentages or fractions)


Advanced data sheets using %, estimates, ranges, and more


Examples for compiling advanced data, harvest weights, and more in Excel